The Perfect Gift

BizBoxes are branded moving boxes that are fully customizable - we can brand with any company anyway you likeYou can customize two sides with your name, contact info, photo, logo or anything else. We even have templates you can use! 

Building a great business is all about providing great service, and that's exactly what BizBox helps you do. There are three primary ways to use BizBoxes. 

Wow Your client as a Gift

BizBoxes are a fabulous gift that your clients will love, and you can really WOW them as a gift leading up to moving day. Its a great way to showcase your service and professionalism while giving them a much needed gift. Gift baskets, Wine, and gift cards are fine but they don't meet an important need at a critical moment.

Pack and Promote

Our Pack & Promote program is the best way to maximize your marketing. Referrals are critical to build your business and BizBox is an easy way to ask for referrals. Just offer to buy BizBoxes for your client in exchange for promotion on Facebook and other social media. You can get incredible exposure with pictures, posts, and testimonials about your great service to their friends and family!


Give to Sellers to Declutter

Clients need boxes before moving day too and you can really show your determination to sell their home quickly by giving BizBoxes to declutter their house before it goes on the market. BizBoxes are a great way to broach the topic of decluttering, and even combine with any homestaging programs you currently use.





Perfect Size    

BizBoxes is the perfect size for moving 80% of household items - (18x15x14). 


 BizBox Packages

BizBox packages contain your choice of 5, 10, 20,or 30 BizBoxes with a variety of supplies. All packages include - Tape, Clam Dispenser, Bubble Wrap, and 2 sets of dividers to protect Glasses and Dishes, and a Marker. 





We take care of everything

You’re too busy selling Real Estate to be in the box business, and because we specialize in the Real Estate Industry we’ve made ordering a BizBox™ package easier than ordering a pizza. Just a short toll-free call or a few clicks on the web. 

There’s no inventory of boxes to handle, just choose your package and they’re off!  Plus Fed Ex Ground delivers your BizBoxes™ directly to your client!  

“The quality of your BizBox is “First Class” and I would recommend the BizBox Program to any Realtor in the residential market.  This is a wonderful source for referrals, in addition to offering a practical and affordable means of thanking clients for their loyalty. If you haven’t tried this marketing program, you need to!”

Martha Hendrick
Howard Brinton Star of the Month, October 2000