9 Tips for Success

Here are 9 Tips to make your BizBox gift as successful as possible.


  1. Use our Pack & Promote program where you offer in advance to swap BizBoxes for promotion on Facebook and other social media. You can get incredible social media exposure with their friends and family and your sphere of influence! - Be careful not to skimp on the boxes with this program, you want to make as good an impression as possible.

  2. Give your BizBoxes before closing. It takes about a week to arrive so make sure to give your clients enough time to pack.
  3. Give them to your sellers right away so they can declutter!

  4. If you want to WOW! your clients give a full package. Even our 5 packs have about $30 of valuable supplies that make packing a Kitchen much more convienent - Unless you are doing Tip #8.

  5. Give the package you can afford, you probably can't provide ALL of their moving boxes. The typical mover needs 50-100 boxes so strike that balance between what you can afford and what they need. 

  6. Co-Brand with your Mortgage Officer, its a great way to split the cost in half.

  7. Have them delivered right to the client - they can be HEAVY!

  8. Give a few BizBoxes at a Listing appointment as a sample of what they get once contracts are signed.

  9. Buyers and sellers need boxes.