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Frequently Asked Questions



How do you personalize the BizBox?

Each BizBox has a pre-printed design and a customizable area for the Real Estate Agent on two sides. The design is preprinted on the BizBox and the customizable area is a 3” x 11” clear label. After we customize the agent’s area it is often difficult to distinguish between the pre-printed and customized area.

Can I add my photo or logo?

YES! You can add photos, logos, or anything else to the 3” x 11” customizable area.

Can I view my artwork before it’s shipped?

Absolutely! After you setup your artwork, we will email you an artwork proof to view and approve. You can make any necessary changes at that time. Orders are not shipped until artwork has been approved.



Can I have my BizBoxes shipped directly to my Client?

YES! We recommend it, as your Packages can be very heavy and you probably don't want to haul these packages around yourself.

How long before my client receives their package?

It is important to allocate enough time from the time you order to arrive at your client’s residence. Once your artwork has been approved, typically your package will arrive within a week of when you place your order.

BizBox produces and ships your package within two business days from the time you place your order. UPS delivery times are 1-4 business days depending on location. Helpful Hint: Don’t forget UPS doesn’t deliver on weekends, this can add two more days to delivery.

How will my client know the package is from me?

Obviously, your name and contact info is on each BizBox within the package, however, the outside of the package also has one of your customized Labels as well.  

How are my BizBoxes shipped?

Your BizBoxes and Supplies are shipped Flat in a Master Box.   

How much is shipping?

Shippng is a Flat $10.95 per pacakge being sent.    

What size are the BizBoxes?

18x15x14 this is a nice Medium size box, so it makes it perfect for packing and moving about 80% of Houshold items.