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The Perfect Closing Gift

Your personalized boxes for clients make fabulous gifts, and you can save 50% on your BizBox artwork for a Limited Time- risk FREE!

The BizBox™ is the perfect closing gift for Real Estate Agents to give to their clients to show their appreciation. BizBoxes are personalized moving boxes complete with your name, logo, and business information. They’re great after the sale as a closing gift or even before the sale to help de-clutter listings.

Client’s love receiving your BizBoxes because they are a very practical gift that they can use to help with their packing needs. Additionally, they will use your BizBoxes for years to come to help store their belongings. Most closing and housewarming gifts, like flowers and gift baskets, are nice thoughts but have no real value.

They promote you to all their friends and family

I’m sure you’ll agree our boxes are bright, beautiful, and professionally done, and that’s what makes them great gifts because they promote you to all of your client’s friends and family on moving day. No other closing gift can promote you the way the BizBox can.

However, I’m writing you now to let you know that you can order them at our already low prices and for a limited time you can save 50% on the artwork setup.   

It makes sense to order because they make great gifts. Sure, you could send a gift certificate or a plant, but your personalized BizBoxes™ are an extremely useful gift that your clients will use and love.

After all, it’s a fact, almost everyone who moves needs boxes and they’re never easy to find, whether looking in the alley behind Wal-Mart or begging for them from your friends and family. But with a BizBox™ package you can be the person who cured that huge headache. When you give a package of BizBoxes™ your clients are going to Love them … and YOU for it.   

Listen to REALTORS´┐Ż who rave about BizBox™

“Of all the things I’ve done for my clients, BizBox has received the most resounding positive response. Best thing I could’ve done!”

RE/MAX Associates Plus
Shoreview, MN

“The quality of your BizBox is “First Class” and I would recommend the BizBox Program to any Realtor in the residential market.  This is a wonderful source for referrals, in addition to offering a practical and affordable means of thanking clients for their loyalty. If you haven’t tried this marketing program, you need to!”

Martha Hendrick
Howard Brinton Star of the Month, October 2000

“I have been using the BizBox for about a month now and my clients LOVE them. They are so excited when the boxes arrive and all of the calls thanking me have been extremely enthusiastic! I know I’ll be using the program for years to come.”

Patty Watson
RE/MAX Sunquest
Grand Rapids, MI

We take care of everything

You’re too busy selling Real Estate to be in the box business. And because we specialize in the Real Estate Industry we’ve made ordering a BizBox™ package easier than ordering a pizza. Just a short toll-free call or a few clicks on the web. 

And there’s no inventory of boxes to handle, just choose your package and they’re off!  Plus FedEx Ground delivers your BizBoxes™ directly to your client!  

Your personalized BizBoxes™ are affordable

What would you pay to have your name plastered all over nearly 30 billboards in your client’s house? And then invite their friends and family over to talk about them all day long. 

Yes, a $100 would be a good deal, maybe even cheaper than ugly brown boxes down at the local box store. But ALL of our packages are less than $100. And our starter packages costs as little as $39.95! 

Additionally, we are offering a NO RISK GUARANTEE.

***Your Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed!***
We are so sure you and your clients will love your BizBox packages that if you are not completely satisfied we’ll refund all of your money no questions asked!

Setup your artwork for half price!

What about the artwork setup charge you say? You’re right, we do charge an artwork setup charge of $29.95. It only makes sense since you can customize your BizBox™ with personal information like name, phone, website, slogans and much, much more. And you can even add your logo and photo!

However, for a limited time we are offering a 50% discount for artwork setup. If you get started today you can customized your artwork with logo, photo and anything else for only $14.95!     

We are so sure you and your clients are going to LOVE The BizBox™ we’re willing setup your artwork for next to nothing and offer a 100% guarantee. I think this RE/MAX Platinum member sums it up best:

“Absolutely the most useful and appreciated gift you can give someone who is moving – your sellers and buyers. And they can be used indefinitely- to store holiday decorations, kids’ toys, out-of-season items, etc. They’ll Love you for it!”

Sandy Meredith
RE/MAX Horizons
Atlanta, GA

Click here today to setup your artwork or just call toll-free
(877) 7BIZBOX - (877) 724-9269.

An exciting, profit-building marketing tool is waiting for you.  All I ask is the chance to prove it!


Chad Armbruster
Chad Armbruster
BizBox, Inc™

P.S. With a 100% guarantee and half price artwork you can’t go wrong!