Pack & Promote with BizBoxes


BizBox is a great closing gift but its even better when your clients use it to promote you.

Very few if any closing gifts are universally loved by your clients, and help promote you the way the BizBox can.

BizBoxes are like mini-billboards for your name, business info, and photo. 

So friends and family on moving day can’t help but be impressed with your service and professionalism.

However, if your clients are willing to promote you on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - you CAN'T lose! 

"Biz Boxes are a great "ah ha" item ... I don't know why all real estate agents aren't using them, and one of the best benefits is that my clients tell their friends how great it was that we sent them the boxes.  Great public relations!"



Step 1 - Get Started by setting up your artwork

You can fully customize your BizBox - add your name, business info, Logo, and even Photo. We have templates you can choose from or submit your own! We will email you a proof in a few hours.

Step 2 - Place your first order

Your client probably needs boxes quickly so you can put the order in at the same time you create your artwork, but we don't ship any orders until you approve your artwork.

Step 3 - We will make and ship your BizBoxes

It takes us a day or two to create your boxes and FedEx Home delivery takes about 1-3 business days to deliver them.

Step 4 - The four P's: Pack, Photo, Post and Promote

Here is where it gets fun - just ask your client to promote you by: Pack your BizBoxes, take lots of Photos, Post them on Social media, and Promote you to all their friends a family...and if they tag you on Facebook your contacts see them too!

Get Started right away - by clicking here or give us a call at 877-724-9269