The Perfect Closing gift




The Perfect Closing Gift

BizBoxes are personalized moving boxes complete with your name, logo, and business information. The BizBox™ is the perfect closing gift for Real Estate Agents to give to their clients to show their appreciation. 

Most closing and housewarming gifts, like flowers and gift baskets, are nice thoughts but have no real value. However, your clients will love receiving BizBoxes because they are a very practical gift that they can use to help with their packing needs, and they will use your BizBoxes for years to come to help store their belongings.

They are bright, beautiful, and professionally done, and that’s what makes them great gifts because they promote you to all of your client’s friends and family on moving day. No other closing gift can promote you the way the BizBox can.

You can order them at our already low prices and for a limited time you can save 50% on the artwork setup.



We take care of everything

You’re too busy selling Real Estate to be in the box business, and because we specialize in the Real Estate Industry we’ve made ordering a BizBox™ package easier than ordering a pizza. Just a short toll-free call or a few clicks on the web. 

There’s no inventory of boxes to handle, just choose your package and they’re off!  Plus UPS Ground delivers your BizBoxes™ directly to your client!  


Several to Choose from 

There are two Designs to Choose from - The Original and The Contemporary. Plus we have a Franchise specific BizBox in certain circumstances. When you setup your artwork you can choose which BizBox you would like.


“The quality of your BizBox is “First Class” and I would recommend the BizBox Program to any Realtor in the residential market.  This is a wonderful source for referrals, in addition to offering a practical and affordable means of thanking clients for their loyalty. If you haven’t tried this marketing program, you need to!”

Martha Hendrick
Howard Brinton Star of the Month, October 2000